NJMCDirect- The Best Way To Pay Online Parking and Traffic Tickets

Imagine you are late to leave home and you have to reach your office on time. On the road, you find there is huge traffic; then, you might be thinking of breaking the traffic single. The result is that you got caught by the police officers for violating the traffic signals. There might be other reasons for violating traffic signals. Now, once you got caught by the officers, you need to pay ticket fines. In that case NJMCDirect helps you to make the process easy.

You must not be in favor of standing in the long queues of the court to pay the fines. In that case, NJMCDirect brings you the best solution. You can pay your traffic fines by visiting the official portal of NJMC. Paying traffic fines by using NJMCDirect is too easy now. With the help of the Prefix Code via their website, you can pay all the traffic tickets now.


Unlike standing on the queues and spending too many hours on courts, with NJMCDirect, it is simple. On NJMCDirect, you can pay for traffic tickets within a few minutes by relaxing at home.

NJMCDirect – Requirements for Traffic Tickets Payment

There are certain pointers that you should understand when paying ticket fine online. For paying fines at New Jersey Meadowlands Commission Direct, you should have these following things:

 ● This total process takes place online. So, you should make sure of having a good system (PC or Laptop or Mobile phone) with a robust net connection. 

● You should have a parking ticket, which proves your traffic rules violation to apply for NJMCDirect.

● The ticket which you have should be your own. It should also contain the valid details of your traffic rules violation.

● Check your ticket if it contains a Court ID, Ticket Numbers, and the type of violation you have done.

● No matters what type of vehicle you have, your License Plate Number is also important. You can even get your License Plate Number from your driving license.

● The mode of payment is online. No offline mode is available. So, it is also important that you have a credit or debit card. You can even use Visa or MasterCard to pay.

NJMCDirect Payment Procedure – Steps To Be Followed  

Here are the steps guiding you on how to pay your ticket fines through NJMCDirect:

 ● Get online and visit NJMCDirect’s official portal.


● On the homepage of NJMCDirect, tap on “Traffic Ticket Search” or “Time Payment Order” to proceed.


● Then enter the details mentioned on the tickets. The details include your License Plate Number, Ticket Profit Code and Number, and Court ID.

● Once the details have entered, tap on the “Next” option. You will find two options- “View NJMCDirect Ticket” and “Process NJMCDirect Ticket Payment.” Click on any one as per your need.

● Then use a credit or debit card or any other card to complete the payment process.

If you are facing problems in any of the steps, then immediately speak to their customer care. 

Operation Hours of NJMCDirect Website

Usually, online payment options are available for 24 x 7 days throughout the year. You don’t have to manage any time from your busy schedule to complete the online payment process. You can complete the online payment whenever you get time. But for NJMC is not the same case. NJMCDirect is only available for a particular time for paying ticket fines. So, you need to manage some time to complete your online payment process. The operation hours of NJMCDirect are as follows:NJMCDirect

 ● Monday – Thursday: 7.30 AM to 11.45 PM

● Friday- 7.30 AM to 10.45 PM

● Saturday- 7.30 AM to 3.45 PM

● Sunday- 1 PM to 11.45 PM

 So, manage your time according to the operating hours of NJMCDirect. Make a point to clear your ticket fines before the due date, or else you have to pay some extra charges. 

 NJMCDirect Customer Care- Contact Details

For any issues or queries related to NJMCDirect, contact the customer care immediately. Here, are the details of contact:

● Phone Number: 973 284 4945

● Fax: 973 284 4914

● Official Address: NJMC Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor, 228 Chestnut Street

● Office Timings of NJMC: Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM

 Benefits You Get By Paying Tickets at NJMCDirect Portal

Fast: NJMCDirect is the fastest and simple way to do online transactions. Those days are gone where you have to wait in a long queue to make payment. In this digitalized world, NJMCDirect has taken the initiative of online payment. With it, you can make payment within a few minutes. It is a fast way to make payments in comparison to manual payment. 

Secure: NJMCDirect website provides strong security. It keeps all the information like about payment, traffic violation, etc. confidential. It also secures all the personal details of the user. New Jersey Court offers a high-security quality. None can access the information of the users except the employees of New Jersey Court.

Convenient: It is convenient for the users as it gives the users a very effective method of payment. There is no need for the users to visit the NJM court frequently to pay their fines for traffic. You only have to pay about $1 to $4 extra to carry on with the transactions, which are not very expensive. The NJMCDirect is a very way to use the payment portal to pay all your fines online safely.

Best Customer Care Service: The NJMCDirect payment portal is best known for its customer services. Our users rely on us, and we are happy to help them. You can contact us with any queries. We try to provide as much quick solution to your problem as possible.


In a nutshell, NJMCDirect is the best and easiest way to make the payment of the online fine. It is too easy to use compared to manual payment. With NJMCDirect, you can save much of your precious time. You don’t have to spend a few hours standing in a crowded line of the courts to pay the parking fines.

You only need a few essentials to pay your fine through NJMCDirect. So, don’t waste your time going to court anymore. Make all your fine payments now with NJMCDirect.